Born 1977. East Germany. Thälmannpionier. Die Toten Hosen -- Hier kommt Alex 7" for EVP 8,10 M. Wall comes down. Ernährungsfehler. First proper hardcore show: 1992. Madball and Agnostic Front. My mom drives me. Then: Straight Edge. After that: Emo. And Ebullition. Year 2000 changes everything: burn-out, disinterest, boredom. I sell my record collection. All of it. Hip hop and heavy metal save my life. And my love for music. I start buying records again. Mainly, the ones I sold. And I start playing in bands again. Two stupid ideas. First reunions of mid-nineties heroes. Disappointments. I start selling my record collection again and just keep the seven inches -- imho the only format in hardcore punk that really matters.