Little Richard -- Rock! Rock! Rock 'n' Roll! 7"

I don't read a lot of fanzines anymore. Magazines, yes. Books, a few. But fanzines? I couldn't even name any fanzines that are around these days. I used to read through zines in a couple of days and literally devoured things like Punk Planet, Second Nature, Heartattack, Skyscraper, Cometbus, Razorcake, Suburban Voice etc. -- but for some reason I couldn't care less about fanzines in 2014. :-/

A few weeks back, a friend gave me a copy of Burn Collector # 16 saying something to the extent of: "Here, the latest effort from your very special buddy Al Burian. Actually, it's quite good." To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first, but I read it anyway. And what can I say? It's brilliant. Seriously.
In this issue (not that I have read any of the others), Al writes a lot about life in Berlin, so it's not a big surprise that I can relate a lot.
If you have a soft spot for zines with a personal edge and appreciate a sophisticated writing style as well as the insight of somebody who has been doing this punk thing for a couple of decades now, I urge you to get this zine! For more info check out this website:

One story that I found particularly funny in this issue of Burn Collector is a review of Little Richard's Rock! Rock Rock 'n' Roll! 7", that was released by Amiga Records -- the state-owned record label from the ex-GDR that I wrote about in my review of the Die Skeptiker 7".

So, here is a scanned version of this piece for your reading pleasure. I really hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.