Acme -- The Demo 7"

A couple of weeks ago, I edited an interview with Belgian heavyweights Nervous Mothers that will be published in the next issue of TRUST fanzine. After the interview, I talked with Nervous Mothers' guitar player Bart about his all time favorite 7" and he picked a gem from 1994 ...

Bart, if you had to choose one seven inch record that has a special meaning to you, which one would it be?
I'd choose the Acme -- Demo 7". Jeroen (bass player of Nations On Fire) put this out on his small, but wonderful label Machination Records. The Revive Us Again compilation 7" on this label still is a classic.
I was totally blown away when I heard the Acme 7". It was the most awesome stuff I had ever heard and I couldn't believe it was a demo. I was happy to see them a few months later when they were on tour with Blindfold, I believe. I heard they got kicked out of the van for misbehavior, haha. Amazing live band!

How did you get this record? Bought it? Traded it? From/with whom?
I bought it from a local DIY distribution called Day One Records. Nico, who ran the distro, later became my companion in crime in Vuur where he played bass. We didn't know each other that well at the time but became friends later on. He sings in Travølta now. After this, I bought nearly every record which had a Bremen connection (lots of stuff from Per Koro Records).

This record came out in 1994, more than 20 years ago. Do you still listen to it? Is there a difference in perception when you play it today?
I actually still listen to this record and unlike a lot of records that were interesting back then but are a lot less now, this one still stands strong. It is just so brutal, even compared to modern standards. Everyone into hardcore/punk/grind should give this at least one listen. Mandatory stuff!

Is it still possible to release punk/hardcore music nowadays that is as groundbreaking as this record was?
Good question. I think it's difficult to be so groundbreaking now. A lot has been done already. The last time, I had a similar feeling was with the Shikari -- Robot Wars 10", but that's a long time ago now. Maybe it is still possible, but not for me. The music from your teenage years always sticks the most, I guess.

Please name your top five new bands.
- Smäris: has members of Kosjer D, Honey Honey and others and doing the best thing in Belgium since ages. Assfactor 4, Kitchener vibe, amazing musicians.
- Travølta: Heultje powerviolence, good people, doing a lot of shows, awesome!
- Molar: real catchy stuff, loved them live.
- Gendo Ikari: fuck yeah, get into this: brutal!
- The Marx Brothers: haven't heard them yet but Paul and Olav from Seein' Red, Manliftingbanner etc. teaming up with Chris Dodge on bass, oh yeah!

Thank you for taking the time, Bart, and good luck with everything.

Acme -- The Demo 7", Machination Records (1994)